Why Girlfriend Sindi Manqele Murdered South African Rapper and Boyfriend Flabba

A few days ago, South Africa was once again, gripped by another celebrity murder story, this time, popular rapper Flabba, real name Nkululeko Habedi, was stabbed to death by his girlfriend Sindi Manqele.

Flabba with girlfriend Sindi Manqele






Flabba being laid to rest

Today, girlfriend Sindi Manqele was granted R10,000 bail, at the Alexandra Magistrate’s Court. New details emerged about that tragic night of what happened. Anonymous police officers at the scene reported that girlfriend Sindi Manqele confessed that she fatally attacked Flabba for disrespecting her by flirting with an ex-girlfriend.

Friends and family gather to mourn Flabba’s death


Flabba’s mother at the bail application trial

Details have also emerged that the two had been involved in an intense argument as they drove home in a mutual friend’s car.  Sindi allegedly ran towards the couple’s cottage and locked the door. A fuming Flabba eventually found himself in and slapped the girlfriend for locking the door on him. According to testimony given to police, Sindi reported that boyfriend assaulted her after asking why she didn’t open the door for him, to which she responded that she did not hear him.

The anonymous officer said Flabba knocked several times, saying, ‘Babe please open the door for me’. But she did not open it.” Flabba apparently then “walked back to the door and knocked again, begging Manqele to open for him, angering Flabba who started banging on the window.” Sindi reportedly then opened and “a fierce argument erupted inside.” Flabba’s relatives apparently rushed to help Sindi, fearing the worse. The officer then goes on to say that Sindi then said, ‘Sorry I have done something wrong. I stabbed him by mistake’. Nearby, a screaming Flabba shouted ‘F@#k, this bitch has just stabbed me’.”

Sindi Manqele

Sindi allegedly told police officers that she stabbed the boyfriend by mistake, during a scuffle. In his last breath, Sindi was said to have uttered to Flabba:

“Babe, please don’t leave me. I love you and I’m sorry for what I have done.”






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