Davido Spills Tea About His Love Child & Baby Mama On Instagram! [Must See Pics!!]

This tea is so good, we do not know where to begin. Nigerian artist, Davido, took to Instagram today to air out his dirty laundry about his baby mama and her family. According to Davido, he was supposed to travel with his daughter to Dubai for medical reasons. He was stopped at the airport as he was traveling without the mother’s consent and passports were seized. His baby mama Sophia Momodu‘s uncle Dele Momodu took to Instagram to talk about the incident, this is what apparently took Davido over the edge as he wrote a book about the whole situation. See below and check out our commentary on each post he made. Enjoy!!

It is clear that Dele Momodu is an attention seeker. But we must commend the Nigerian authorities for not allowing a child to travel with the mother’s consent.

How old is Sophia that Davido felt manipulated and exploited? He should take responsibility of the fact that he had a casual fling with a girl who he now claims is uneducated and unattractive. She was attractive enough for him to lay with her and have a child, we guess conversation after sex was nonexistent. He even brings up her background, this is very childish and classist behavior.

It’s good that he takes care of his responsibilities, for that we do commend  him. Our only question is did she just wake up and started smoking cannabis or was this always the case. If so, then did she and Davido at some use the drug together? That will explain how he fell for an uneducated, ugly and classless girl, he was high on weed? So that Dodo video was based on his life huh?! His lips are black and we all know that’s a sign of smoking either cigarettes or weed. Davido, stop acting like you did not know all this about the girl. It’s just a shame that an innocent child must now suffer for this.

This is a mistake, if the child is receiving medical treatment the mother should be there. Anyone with children knows that if a child is sick they always ask for comfort from their mother. So this is where Davido’s naivety does show. Even if he could not stand the mother, she should have been part of the trip and they could have had separate accommodations.

It does seem like the Momodu family is taking advantage of his celebrity and wealth status. The person suffering now is Imade, poor child. All African artists beware, if you are not selective about who you do it with, then get ready to face the consequences. Let’s launch a #thinkbeforeyoudo campaign. This is the same thing that got athlete Brown Iyede in trouble.

They seized the passports, and refused a refund? Men!! Nigeria immigration does not play oh! We love how he had to let us know one million naira was lost. Chai! It shall be well with you Davido and Co. we are sure of it.

I’m sorry Davido but kidnapping prevention is not a corrupt act. The authorities were just doing their job, you cannot get special treatment because of celebrity status or wealth. If mother’s consent is needed for travel, then it must be so.

Any legal counsel will advice Davido get proof of extortion and other threats made by the Momodu family. Also, if he does prove that the mother is incapable of taking care of the child, then he might get full custody. It’s unfortunate that he had to air out his own dirty laundry but good luck to him.

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I agree! Great read! Davido could have handled this situation another way and with the mother of the child family.