Why We’re All Not Happy About the Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Spectacle


Let’s be clear, sexual assault against women and children in the United States is an epidemic. From college campuses to homes, shelters, and group homes, all across the country, sexual assault is a hidden national embarrassment. According to the America  based Rape Crisis Center, 1 out of 6 women in America has been a victim of rape or attempted rape in her lifetime. Every 2 minutes, someone in the United States is sexually assaulted. We’re not saying that Bill Cosby is innocent, that’s for his lawyer Monique Pressley to establish. We’re not saying the accusers are lying, that’s for the judge/jury to determine. However, we want to point out that there is more to the story than what is being propagated in the mainstream media. There are reasons why, not everyone, especially within the African American community, are happy about the onslaught against Bill Cosby. Here are some reasons why.


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Those who know Hollywood know that everything goes. There have been countless stories about what women and men have been forced to do in order to get film roles and opportunities. From sexual favors stories to cultish initiations, Hollywood is no Mecca or Vatican City. The question no one seems to be asking in the mainstream media is WHY NOW? Why years later, why decades later? After all, the accusers are not underage alleged victims who one can argue feared that no one would believe them. Why isn’t anyone in the mainstream media asking, what if some or much of these alleged victim’s accusations were fabricated? What if the sexual contacts, however filthy, were consensual? What if the quaaludes and other rape drugs were involved but these adult accusers were willing participants? We’re not saying they were, we’re just suggesting that these are some of the questions that are in people’s minds that are not being represented in the mainstream media.

Is anybody talking about the fact that two of Cosby’s accusers Beverly Johnson and Janice Dickerson lied about their allegations against Bill Cosby, according to their former talent manager Don Gibble?

Beverly Johnson

This revelation surfaced after the former model Beverly Johnson recounted her story in a Vanity Fair feature in which she alleged that Bill Cosby had drugged her during her encounter with him at his New York brownstone for coffee. According to Don Gibble, the former model’s longtime manager, Johnson fabricated the story because he recalls that the only encounter the model ever had with Bill Cosby was a brunch date with Bill Cosby and his wife Camille. According to an interview with The Daily Caller, Don commented that:

“It was odd to me that she changed her story. She said [she was] drugged and raped. I just remember that was not the conversation we had. And we had it repeatedly.”

“It was brunch. It was just one time. It was a typical nice pleasant experience. It can be easily proven that Camille Cosby was at that brunch, so it was kind of dumb for her to lie,” he said.

Gibble added, “Basically, she only had a good experience with him, so if he had been producing something at that time I could have easily called that office and gotten her an appointment.”

After seeing Johnson recount her story on the View, Gibble said “It was ridiculous, I thought this was insane.”

We’re not saying they were, we’re just suggesting that these are some of the questions that are in people’s minds that are not being represented in the mainstream media.


Remember when General Electric, the previous owner of NBC shut the door on Bill Cosby purchasing the network that was once for sale? Ironically, not too long after Bill Cosby was questionably denied the opportunity to purchase the network, issues surrounding his sexual past surfaced in the mainstream media, leading to his present legal prosecution. Again, we’re only asking the questions that no one is asking in the mainstream media.

Second Reason: Why Only Bill Cosby? Why Not Woody Allen or Others From the “Casting Couch” Sexual Predatory Culture?

If we’re so concerned about the well- being of women and children, why is it that Bill Cosby alone has been viciously pursued? Did he alone create the “casting couch” culture that Hollywood has been known for in which women are forced to commit sexual favors for film opportunities? Where is the outrage over the predators that victimized Megan Fox and Gwyneth Paltrow?

paltrow fox 640
Megan Fox and Gwyneth Paltrow have went public about their sexual victimization stories at the hand of Hollywood executives.

Then there is Woody Allen, that’s right, the child predator who married his own daughter Soon-Yi Previn, a free and still a very beloved Hollywood man. Even after his own ex-wife came forward about the beloved actor’s molestation of his daughter Dylan Farrow since she was seven years old, the man’s Hollywood pedigrees remained untouched, his Hollywood Walk of Fame still intact. Bill Cosby may or may not be absolved, but one thing we cannot be sure of is that even if guilty, that he’s the only sexual predator in Hollywood. So we ask, why just Bill Cosby? When will the likes of Woody Allen be equaled dragged to answer for their past and or present behaviors? Be sure to let us know what you think. Is Bill Cosby being persecuted?

Woody Allen Married his daughter Soon-Yi Previn, 35 years apart

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Thank you for expressing what many in the black community are left wondering. The Cosby that opened doors for so many, seems to have been bamboozled into a unique Web of events, that his fortune could possibly benefit some.of the possible “victims”. We are are left wondering here in America, what about Woody Allen, Charlie Sheen and the beloved father for the hit t.v. show 7th Heaven…….why is the playing feel not the same for all men who have victimized others…… Many of us question Cosby timely NBC possible purchase with the list of victims suddenly coming to light. We… Read more »