Your Future Husband. With Love, From Femi.

Femi and Awonu met during an internship in Dallas, TX in 2011. “We easily gravitated towards one another,” he said. “She asked me to join her to watch the BET Awards.” Awonu said he committed but later changed his mind. That was one of her peeves, for someone to commit to doing something, but not following through with their expressed commitment. She said he made it up by asking her to frozen yogurt. That was the beginning of our beautiful courtship, they said. On that memorable outing, the newlyweds remarked that their conversations felt so easy, effortless. Not too long afterwards, they said they started dating. The newlyweds said they took their time to get to know one another. The long distance conversations gave them the opportunity to enhance their communication, to bond.

The Wedding Highlights of Awonu & Deen from 1 Cinema Productions on Vimeo.


She was coming for Christmas on the 23rd of December. She had to be taken to the parent’s house on the 24th, little did she know, that I would be taking the opportunity to ask for her father’s blessings for her hand in marriage. I asked once, her father said for me to ask another time, the other time came, he asked me to ask a different time. Her daddy held his ground, but ultimately gave me the blessings. Three months later, I started to put my plans together. My plan? Hide the ring in a stockings of gifts. She had never had any experiences with stockings, she wouldn’t have a clue. The only clue she had was the periodic seriousness that would overtake my demeanor. When I get serious, it gets her wondering, “what is he up to.” That infamous day of Christmas, she noticed I appeared a bit serious, so she was wondering, could this be the day.


Not yet, let’s continue on with the rest of the story. Turns out, Femi prepared a candlelight dinner, gave her a stockings because she had never received one for Christmas. In the stockings, he had an Adele album, 25, a fitness journal, wait for it, the first letter she ever wrote to him, a letter he replied and signed, “your future husband.” At the bottom, was the jewelry that brought the tears, happiness, wait, the infamous question, “did you ask my dad?.” He did, and he said yes. Five years later, Awonu married the love of her life.


For me, I truly believe, this guy was designed for me. I didn’t know I needed a patient man till I met him. I never knew I was as headstrong till I met him. He has helped to balance me. He’s so patient, calm when we fight, he goes off and sings. When he does that, it gives me time to re-evaluate what is a major versus minor issue, and allows me to de-escalate.

Just miraculously, our families sink, our dads birthdays are a day apart, our moms have a sense of humor that allows them to get along. When our families get together we do so with harmony.



She’s just a good match, it’s hard to explain. Since I met her, something instinctively told me she’s the one. I remember, that summer we met, I had no intention of meeting anyone. I was focused on making money and that’s it. That day we met, I thought that was it, I was never going to see her again. What stuck with me was her kindness, she was always the same person, it was so familiar. She’s such a bubbly personality, so loveable. Her gentle nature, her tenacity matches my tenacity. We propel each other further and higher. She comes from a great family.



I like to think that our vision is to use our marriage to influence young people of color, Femi said. We want to impart upon young people of color, the importance of being a unit and not needing to chase the things that are fleeting. We believe that we can be examples for our friends, families, just as our parents were to us. We understand that not every day is going to be rosy, but that’s the commitment we made to ourselves and God.


We want to leave a legacy, Awonu responded. We want to have children who can pass on our cultural values. We want to have that legacy tied to what our fathers have always reminded us, is home, Ghana, Nigeria, Africa. We want to create education opportunities for people back home, opportunities built on the ideals of STEM.


What’s her favorite color?

“Baby pink, cream, and gold.”

What’s his favorite color?

“It’s yellowish gold.”

What’s Her Favorite Food?

“Any kind of sweets.”

What’s His Favorite Food?

“Peanut butter with anything.”

Out of All Your Travels, What’s Her Favorite Place?

“Egypt.” Because it was so much history. You stand in the midst of history so old.

Out of All Your Travels, What’s His Favorite Place

“Ghana.” Because he didn’t want to leave. It was home.

Who Did He Look Up To Growing Up?


Who Did She Look Up To?


A Note From Editor

We invited this lovely couple over for dinner to really understand them in order to write this feature. They are such a beautiful couple and compliment each other in so many ways. The conversation just flowed so well and the love between them was clear to see. They understand the importance of the step they have just taken and they are ready and capable of honoring their union. Understanding that marriage is so much more than the wonderful celebrations, but a lifelong journey of understanding each other. We discussed the state of marriage in our African communities and the importance of making sure monogamy is no longer the exception to the rule but the norm. We are hopeful that our generation might get it right and our young people will not just be in love with the idea of getting married but are willing to put in the work to make the unions last a lifetime. We wish them a strong and happy marriage and we know they are more than capable of taking care of the precious gift they have found in each other. Here is to Awonu and Femi!

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