5 Beauty Secrets and Products To Steal From Celebs

We don’t all have celebrity budgets to spend on the lastest $10,000 skincare treatment. When I find out celebs use everyday products, I am always tempted to try. Here are some I have tried and new ones you can try with me that might be worth it. Enjoy!!

Tika Sumpter

Tika Sumpter is my all time skin goals. Her skin is always hydrated and glowing. So when I found out she uses Keri lotion, I went out and bought two. When It comes to dark skin, hydration is the key. I found the lotion is good for winter and keeps even my dry feet hydrated all day long. It is took thick for me to use in the summer but this is a keeper. It’s hard to find in drugstores but Walmart carries it and there is always online shopping.

Teyonah Parris

Those who know me well are aware that L’Oréal is my favorite drugstore brand. In my head since the own Lancôme and YSL, some of those great formulas must make their way to the drug store products. I love love love the Infallible foundations too, I have both formulas. I recently found out that Teyonah Parris uses the Infallible Setting Spray, I am willing to give it a try. I finished my Urban Decay all nighter setting spray which was the best I have tried so far. It has great ratings online so I am sure it will not disappoint.

Gabriel Union

Glowing skin they say comes from within and what better way to hydrate than with water. When I read that Gabriel Union drinks a gallon of water a day. I thought, if that means I can have skin like hers, why not. Who knew water was the Benjamin Button elixir Gabriel has been drinking all this time. Well, after going to the bathroom 10 times the day I tried it, at which point I’m sure people thought I had a eating disorder or I was pregnant, I decided the gallon a day life wasn’t for me. However, I do have a gallon of water at my desk at work which takes me two to three days to finish. I find myself drinking more water these days and last week I was able to finish a gallon in two days. Maybe one day I can achieve the gallon a day status.

Kelly Rowland

Another chocolate sister that’s beauty goals is Kelly Rowland. When it some to mascara Lancôme Definicils is still my all time favorite. How can such a skinny wand create such length and volume is beyond me. I found out Kelly uses Kevyn Aucoin the volume mascara. The wand on this one is slim just like the Lancôme one. I am a mascara girl as I have no patience to wear lashes everyday. Two to three coats and my lashes look like I have falsies on. I love trying new beauty products so I will give this one a chance. Plus I have been wanting to test a Kevyn Aucoin product.

Genevieve Nnaji

Lately, I have been using my L’Oréal miceller water for makeup removal. However it does not always get all my eye makeup. Lancôme Bi-facil is still the best remover but at $38,  I want to be try and find a cheaper version. I found out Genevieve Nnaji uses No7 Beautiful Skin makeup remover. The ratings are not stellar but they aren’t terrible either and the price is just right at $8.99.


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