PSquare Feuding and Airing Out Dirty Laundry on Instagram

It’s foolish Monday for the Okoye brothers a.k.a PSquare. Rumors has it the brothers are feuding because of Peter’s wife Lola Okoye. Paul is accusing Lola Okoye of using juju on Peter. He also claims she is jealous because his wife gave birth to twins and she didn’t. No one really knows the complete story here but it is evident something has gone wrong between the two brothers. When wives and children come into play the dynamics of sibling relationships really do change. Some adjust better than others but it’s part of their journey, not for all the world to see. Sometimes we give witches too much credit. Prior to their wives coming into the picture, there have always been rumors about the duo and an eminent split. It seems there might be other issues at play here and it’s easier to blame twins and juju. Hopefully, the duo will find peace and will eventual find a common ground in which dirty laundry is not aired on social media.Till then we stay glued in with popcorn while sipping the tea. Check out Paul’s shady Instagram post. Enjoy!

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