Today Is World Contraception Day

In recent years we have seen a rise in STD rates among a vast group of people. Those who lived through the AIDS epidemic still have memories of loved ones lost to the disease and the vast impact it had on communities. We now have a new generation of young people who don’t fully understand the dangers and possible life long battle with STDs. If you have a young person in your life, take the time to educate them about being sexually responsible.

In our African communities we like to pretend like young people don’t have sex, but they do. It’s time we make it more acceptable to talk about these issues and get our young people on the defense and fully educated. There is no need for the conversation to be uncomfortable there has o be a mindset shift. Young people will have sex anyways so those closest to them will have to lead by example and be open to discussions.

With the political climate in America today, make sure to also discuss the importance of access to family planning for all and the importance of reproductive rights. The ability for a woman to make choices about her body is something we cannot take for granted as it is being attacked. Let’s make this a great day to have some real conversations with our love ones about issues which affect communities in Africa and the diaspora.

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