Davido’s Crew Is Dropping Like Flies as Two Friends Die Within Four Days

Davido took to SNAPCHAT to mourn the death of two of his friends he recently lost. As usual in true African style there are already rumors he used them for rituals. So what really happened?

Two of his DMW crew members DJ Olu and Chime died within the last four days. Autopsy results show that Chime died of too much alcohol and epilepsy medication in his system at the time of death. The combination of the two drugs is said to have been the cause of his death. Chime’s family members stated to the press he didn’t  have epilepsy nor a prescription for the drug Topiramate which was in his system. Chime died on October 2nd after he was seen at the club with the crew. His girlfriend Caroline Danjuma was on Instagram claiming Davido abandoned Chime at the hospital. DJ Olu is the son of another oil tycoon Dapo Obiodun. 

This week the chief of police in Lagos in a press conference stated the death of Chime is under investigation. CCTV footage shows Davido and his crew in what he called Tagbo’s last moments.

Davido is currently on his African tour. His hype man Specialspesh stated on social media there was nothing wrong with the Olu and Chime and asks people to stay woke. He accuses the “older crew”, whomever they are, of having a hand in the deaths. There are rumors that Davido or members of his crew belong to the Black Axe cult. Only time will tell as more details come out but for now maybe members of the DMW crew can lay low and chill on their partying and showing off on SNAPCHAT or not. Either way, we are watching.


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