DISE’S SECRET [Full Movie]

EbonyLifeTV presents a story that depicts the everyday life and choices of upward mobile and metropolitan people. This is shown in the story of a struggling, single mother gets caught in the middle of a love triangle involving two sons, one of whom uses her to fulfil his selfish ambition and the other, who falls in love with her despite that he is about to be married to his pregnant fiancée. Dise accepts the offer to pose as Yinka’s fiancée so the wayward Dokpesi-James’ son can get back on his father’s good side and she can create a better life for her daughter. Unknown to her, Yinka’s father has a few weeks to live. While visiting with his family, Dise unexpectedly falls for Yinka’s twin brother, Toni, who is engaged to marry his pregnant fiancée in three weeks. With the D-day drawing closer, and Yinka’s threats to expose her secrets to the family she has come to love, Dise must decide between the life she has envisaged for her daughter or risk everything for an uncertain love. Enjoy!!

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